Reading Assignment #02


  1. まずは記事を読み大意を把握する。
  2. 語彙トレーニング1(単語カード)
    • カードをめくり、英語の音声をリピートし、次に意味を確認しましょう。自分で英単語を発音することが重要です。
  3. 記事の内容を理解しながらしっかり読む。
  4. クイズに取り組む。(解答は公開されません。仲間と意見交換して適切な答えを探すのも良いでしょう)
  5. もう一度記事を読んで理解を確認する。
  6. 語彙トレーニング2(ディクテーション)
  7. Further studies
    • 記事のトピックについてリサーチする
    • 記事のサマリーをまとめる
    • 著者について調べる
    • 関連記事を読む
    • その他

nature NEWS


Simple blood test detects eight different kinds of cancer

Giorgia Guglielmi





Exercise 1 Answer the following questions.

    1. “Preliminary trial” in this article means?
      1. clinical trial
      2. preparatory trial
      3. public trial
      4. second trial
    2. “Biopsies” in line XX means
      1. a method of using a strong magnetic field to produce an image of the inside of a person’s body.
      2. a system of treating diseases or conditions using very small amounts of the substance that causes the disease or condition.
      3. an instrument used in medical operations which consists of a very small camera on a long thin tube which can be put into a person’s body so that the parts inside can be seen.
      4. the removal and examination of tissue from the body of somebody who is ill/sick, in order to find out more about their disease.
    3. What can “blood draw” in line XX be replaced for?
      1. blood circulation
      2. blood sugar
      3. blood test
      4. blood type
    4. “Science” in line XX is
      1. a popular science magazine that covers articles related with science and is published monthly by Nikkei.
      2. knowledge about the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world, based on facts that you can prove, for example by experiments.
      3. one of the compulsory university courses for students majoring in Life Sciences.
      4. one of the largest academic journal published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
    5. Nickolas Papadopoulos and his colleagues used CancerSEEK on people
      1. who examined the levels of 8 proteins and the presence of mutations in 16 genes.
      2. who had been diagnosed with a cancer before.
      3. who had been diagnosed with eight cancers before.
      4. whose cancer had spread to other parts of the body.

Exercise 2 Choose the correct word or expression to complete each of the following sentences.

    1. A single blood test could one day be used ( ) a variety of cancers, results from a preliminary trial suggest.
      1. to be detect
      2. to be detected
      3. to detect
      4. to detecting
    2. The test was able to detect disease in about 70% of more than 1,000 people who had already been ( ) with cancer.
      1. considered
      2. diagnosed
      3. prescribed
      4. testified
    3. Many groups in academia and industry have focused on using liquid biopsies to ( ) cancer progression
      1. track
      2. trap
      3. trek
      4. trend
    4. ( ) is a doctor who studies and treats tumours in the body.
      1. A dermatologist
      2. An oncologist
      3. A physiologist
      4. A toxicologist
    5. The researchers looked for ways to make their liquid biopsy more sensitive without also ( ) the risk of a false-positive result.
      1. 1. raising
      2. 2. raised
      3. 3. rising
      4. 4. risen


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